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That’s not a Shiba, nor an Akita.

But, that is an Asian dog breed.

Meet the Korean Jindo and come to see the many Jindo mixes I have for you today!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has warmed up to the fact that they now have a Jindo dog in their rows. I’m sure you’ll like them, too because Jindo dogs are truly something special.

Originally from the Jindo island in Southern Korea, this dog breed has become a favorite of many dog owners quite fast. The fact that they’re super intelligent and loyal has helped a lot. The Korean Jindo Association of America states they’re friendly, sweet, and generally calm dogs.

Jindo dogs are a pleasant sight for sore eyes, and you’re going to love their mixes even more.

The combinations with already popular breeds like German Shepherds have resulted in spectacular pooches.

What you should know about Jindo mixes is that they’re not that common. This dog breed is rare in the States, and you can find only a dozen popular combinations. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not amazing.

I say give Jindo mixes a chance and you’ll see they’re great pets, just like any other mix out there!

1. Jindo X Shiba Inu

jindo shiba inu mix in the fieldjindo shiba inu mix in the field
Photo from: @nova.milktea

You’ll come across many Jindo mixes with Japanese or Asian dog breeds. The proximity of these breeds had to result in many wonderful puppies.

When people compare a Jindo vs a Shiba Inu, they end up confused. These two dogs are so much alike, but only for an untrained eye. If you dig deeper, you’ll realize how different these doggos really are.

Just imagine how they would comment on the Jindo Shiba mix!

Jindos have a similar body shape as Shibas. They’re medium-build dogs, with pointy ears, a sickle-shaped tail, and a wedge-shaped muzzle. Much like Shibas, Jindos have a signature smile on their face.

But, are they really as sweet as they look?

Shibas can be aggressive, but Jindos aren’t really. They’re sweet and alert, and very much in love with their humans.

You can expect the same behavior from their mix. The Jindo Shiba isn’t normally that aloof with strangers like the Shiba, but they can be a bit cautious. I believe this is simply because the Jindo is pretty alert and doesn’t let anything get by him.

As far as the appearance of a Jindo Shiba is concerned, these pups will be a wonderful mashup of both parent breeds. You won’t be able to tell where the Shiba starts and where the Jindo begins. You can find them in pretty much any coat color usually found with Shibas and Jindos, but the orange coat is the most common one.

Lastly, I wouldn’t recommend the Jindo Shiba mix for a first-time owner as they can be a bit stubborn.

2. Jindo X Akita Inu

jindo akita inu mix dog posingjindo akita inu mix dog posing
Photo from: @mika_riku_thejindo

Hold on! Aren’t they the same? How come the Akita Inu looks so much like our Jindo buddy? Well, you have to agree that a lot of Asian dogs look like each other. In terms of geography, Japan and Korea, the origin of the Korean Jindo (duh!) are pretty close; hence, the similar appearance

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Naturally, puppies from Jindo and Akita parents will look like a wonderful mash of the parent breeds. You won’t be able to tell which body feature is inherited from the Japanese side of the family, and which from the Korean side.

Jindo Akita mix puppies will not grow past the 25-inch mark as this is the maximum height of Akitas. They may be a bit smaller in terms of body shape, but that’s still individual. Jindo’s are a bit smaller than Akitas, so there’s your difference in size.

Normally, these puppies will carry the same coat colors as the parents. I see many Akita colors present as well as the Jindo’s standard options.

The only way you could end up with a slightly different Jindo Akita is if you breed the Jindo with a long-haired Akita Inu. Puppies should end up looking all fluffy and plumped up.

You can expect the Jindo Akita to be quite friendly and caring. They love spending lots of time with their humans. Don’t break their little heart by ignoring them or denying them affection. Jindo Akitas are also a bit territorial, but I don’t find that to be a downside.

On the contrary, being territorial can mean your dog is super protective of you, and has a special place in his heart just for you!

3. Jindo X German Shepherd

jindo german shepherd mix in the parkjindo german shepherd mix in the park
Photo from: @murph.pablo

What’s a common thing for a Jindo and a German Shepherd? Well, they’re both dogs with pointy ears.

Is that all? Are Jindos and German Shepherds really that different?

The truth is, they are. These dogs didn’t really have much contact in the past, and they probably didn’t mix as other dogs did.

The Jindo German Shepherd is an unusual combination, but the puppy it produces is absolutely amazing. This is a confident canine, just like both sides of the family. The Jindo Shepherd is intelligent, alert, and always very cautious. He won’t show you teeth if you don’t provoke him.

That’s pretty much like the German Shepherd parent. German Shepherds won’t show you signs of aggression either unless they consider you a threat.

What you should know is that the Jindo Shepherd is a friendly dog, good for families, but they’re not the best choice for first-time owners. Although they’re intelligent pups, it’s still a bit difficult to train them because they can be stubborn. That’s why it’s important to maintain the role of the alpha dog.

Jindo Shepherds usually have a rich, double coat that sheds a lot. I mean, the German Shepherd parent sheds like crazy, so expect the same genes from their love pups with the Jindo Shepherd. I recommend you invest in some good brushes for grooming. These ones that are recommended for GSDs should help.

All in all, you will have a busy schedule around a Jindo Shepherd, but I promise it’s worth it.

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4. Jindo X Siberian Husky

jindo siberian husky mix sitting outdoorsjindo siberian husky mix sitting outdoors
Photo from: @larrythejindomix

Are you aware that the Siberian Husky is another Asian dog breed? No, Huskies aren’t from Korea, but they are from Siberia, Russia, which lies on the same continent – Asia! While we can’t tell whether Huskies and Jindos are distant cousins, we can say these pups have a future together.

And, that future is their Siberian Jindo puppy!

The Siberian Jindo (or the Jindo Husky) is one of those dogs that look a lot like wolves. So, you can tell they’re pretty good looking!

The two parent breeds are quite similar in terms of their size. The Siberian Husky is a bit bigger than the Jindo dog, but that’s a matter of 5 pounds and a couple of inches. It’s safe to say the Siberian Jindo puppy will be the same size as his parents.

This should be a medium to large dog with a sharp prey drive and endless energy levels. You can find a Jindo Husky zooming through the dog park trying to find a way to lose all that extra stamina. Well, you and your family members will need extra stamina, too because these pups are a bit of a handful.

The Jindo Husky is a fairly good family pet that doesn’t just enjoy long walks on the beach. He wants it all, and he wants it now.

What’s interesting about Jindo Huskies is that they can inherit all the gorgeous Husky eye colors, and even inherit heterochromia. This only makes them more desirable.

If you end up with a Jindo Husky, you can be sure you have a terrific doggo – a bit crazy, but still good crazy.

5. Jindo X Labrador Retriever

jindo labrador retriever lying outdoorsjindo labrador retriever lying outdoors
Photo from: @ellie_louis_20_21

It looks like someone took the Jindo’s head and placed it on the Lab’s body. Oh, and also added the sickle-shaped tail.

No, that’s just the Jindo Lab mix – a love puppy coming from the Korean Jindo dog and the Labrador Retriever.

Yet another unusual combination of the breeds. But, you definitely didn’t know that the Jindo and the Lab actually have much in common.

Stop for a second to think. What were Labradors bred for?

That’s right, they’re excellent retriever dogs for hunting water game.

Surprisingly, the Korean Jindo was bred to serve as one of the finest hunting dogs ever. But, Jindos didn’t focus just on small game. They were excellent at hunting both big and small animals. That’s why Jindos were so highly appreciated in South Korea, and they still are.

The Jindo Lab is a dog that will need a lot of training, as well as mental stimulation. This doesn’t mean they’re stupid or anything. The dual training is to keep their mind sharp, their body fit, and to stop them from roaming around like crazy.

As far as their appearance is concerned, these are pretty-looking pups that usually come in light shades. You can see lots of Lab coat colors with the Jindo Lab mix. Even a black coat is possible because both the Jindo and the Lab parent can come in diluted black.

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Unfortunately, Jindo Labs will shed a lot, especially in the spring and the fall. The Labrador parent sheds a lot, so these genes won’t skip the Jindo Lab mix puppy either.

6. Jindo X Golden Retriever

jindo golden retriever sitting on the porch at snowjindo golden retriever sitting on the porch at snow
Photo from: @kiwisteeze

It doesn’t matter if you pick between an American vs an English Golden Retriever because both can be bred with the Korean Jindo. Believe it or not, the Golden Jindo is a fabulous dog with a heart made of gold.

This crossbreed puppy still looks a lot like the Korean Jindo parent, but his looks are a bit toned down. The pointy ears are gone, and are replaced with the Golden’s floppy ears. The curled up tail is no longer present. Instead, they have a feathered tail from the Golden side of the family.

What else comes from the Golden is a rich coat. Even though the Golden’s goldilocks shed and aren’t hypoallergenic, they’re still very much in demand. People don’t mind brushing them because these pups look so pretty.

The Korean Jindo mix is usually a medium-sized dog. The Jindo is noticeably smaller than the Golden Retriever. You may achieve the smaller size if you breed the Jindo with the mini Golden Retriever, but I wouldn’t meddle with the genes that much.

When I mentioned the heart of gold, I really meant the heart of gold. We all know how sweet Goldens are with all family members. They’re one of the ultimate family pets. The friendliness of the Golden Jindo is something that is still to become popular. Once people realize how pawmazing Golden Jindos are, I predict there will be lots of these doggies on the streets.

7. Jindo X Kai Ken

jindo kai ken mixjindo kai ken mix

Now, I’m going to mention a Jindo mix I have never seen before. In fact, I haven’t seen the parent breed in person either. This is the Jindo Kai Ken mix – a combination with an extremely rare dog breed.

Kai Ken dogs are originally from Japan, where they present one of the six unique Japanese breeds, including Akitas, Shibas, Hokkaido Ken, Shikoku Ken, and Kishu Ken dogs. We had Akitas and Shibas as other signature Japanese breeds, but both of them are pretty common in Japan.

The Kai Ken is so rare that they’re not even that common in their land of origin.

Still, they have somehow managed to get involved with Jindo dogs. The end result of mixing Kai Ken and Jindo dogs is a 100% Asian dog with stunningly good looks. The proximity of the Jindo island to Japan must have its finger in this combination.

Be it as it is, the Jindo Kai Ken is a dog you’ll want to admire for its good looks and dominant posture. They’re definitely pooches you can’t ignore.

What’s so special about Kai Ken dogs are their unique coat colors. Their name even translates to tiger dog. So, yes… there is a tiger coat pattern, as well as red brindle and black brindle. Since they’re so similar to Jindos, expect their puppies to look like Jindos with many coat color options.

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You won’t be able to tell which is cuter!

New owners might not be satisfied with Kendo Kai Ken dogs as they require lots of attention and exercise.

Lastly, I want to warn you about the high chance of hypothyroidism. This health issue usually comes from the Jindo side of the family as Kai Ken dogs are pretty healthy.

8. Jindo X Corgi

jindo corgi mix sitting outdoorsjindo corgi mix sitting outdoors
Photo from: @cacaya_jiye

Can we all agree that Corgis look a lot like small Jindos? Okay, they may not be the same, but they do resemble each other a lot in terms of appearance AND temperament.

The Jindo Corgi mix is one of those mixed breed dogs that looks juuust right. It almost looks like a purebred doggo!

This mixed canine has the signature pointy ears and the thick, shedding coat, but the sickle-shaped tail seems to miss these boys and girls. Instead, Jindo Corgi pups have a long, fluffy tail, just like a fluffy Corgi! No, not every Corgi bum is without a tail.

Jindos and Corgis belong to the same breed group of hunting dogs. Corgis were more focused on catching vermin and small prey. Still, this doesn’t deny the fact that they’re born to chase down anything small that moves.

Although Jindo Corgis are good with kids, I’d still watch them because their prey drive can kick in anytime.

Jindo Corgis will tolerate hot weather, but they’re dogs with an undercoat, so don’t really bring them to some place where it’s always hot.

If you decide that the Jindo Corgi is your new best friend, you should know a few things about their health. Jindo Corgis are highly prone to excessive weight gain. Obesity and those short legs don’t go hand in hand together, so watch how much these pups eat. You don’t want to see a fat Corgi, a chubby Jindo, nor their roly-poly puppies!

9. Jindo X Jack Russell Terrier

jindo jack russell terrier mix in the parkjindo jack russell terrier mix in the park
Photo from: @senorsawyer

Jack Russells have become bigger!

No, these aren’t purebred giant Jack Russell Terriers. The all-time favorite small terrier dog now comes mixed with Korea’s favorite – the Jindo.

Normally, I find mixing contrasting breeds to be questionable. Such cases often end up with poor-looking pups. However, the Jindo Jack is an exception. Both parent breeds have blended so well into one puppy that it’s really hard to say who they resemble more.

Jindo Jacks are definitely more special than any other Jack Russell mix. This exotic combination is surely not something you see every day.

The Jindo Jack looks a lot like a bigger Jack Russell, but they still have some Jindo features like pointy ears.

What these two breeds have in common is their high energy drive. The Jindo Jack is a dog that loves being active. When he’s not, he will feel neglected and even bored. These aren’t couch potatoes at all!

You better find time to exercise your Jindo Jack or else you shouldn’t get these pups at all.

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Jindo Jacks are all bark and no bite. Sure, they can serve as good watchdogs. But, being a guard dog is not in their job description.

What’s so cool about the Jindo Jack is that they’re destined to have a long lifespan. Jack Russells tend to live up to 15 years, and Jindo’s are right behind the corner with their life expectancy.

You can expect to spend many happy years with your Jindo Jack. Just make sure his life is a high-quality one, okay?

10. Jindo X Beagle

jindo beagle mix in naturejindo beagle mix in nature
Photo from: @jintto_official

Now, there’s the mixed breed we were all looking for! I want to see mutt-quality. I want to see crossbreeds written all over their face when I talk about Jindo mixes, or any other mixes for that matter. The goal isn’t to create a crossbreed exactly like the parent breeds.

We want something new, and that ‘new’ is the Jindo Beagle mix.

The Beagle’s face, the Jindo’s size, floppy ears, a big Jindo smile, and what not is mixed up to create this mixed specimen of the Jindo breed.

The Jindo parent and the Beagle parent look nothing alike, but they are similar in some terms. We’ll get to them later.

The Jindo parent is all proud, with a pointed muzzle, ears, and even tail. The Beagle parent is more… sweet-looking. They’re small to medium, with a muscular body and a pleasant appearance. They have a single coat that sheds, of course. The Beagle coat comes in lots of lovely color combinations, including tricolor options.

You can expect tricolor Jindo Beagle puppies, too!

When I mentioned the similarities of the two parent breeds, I thought of their purpose of breeding. Both the Jindo and the Beagle were bred to serve during hunting trips. Yes, Beagles are excellent hunting dogs just like Jindos, despite their adorable appearance.

Today, Jindo Beagles aren’t usually hunting companions. Instead, they prefer cuddling on the sofa after going for a walk together. They’re peaceful, calm, and you’ll feel the same way around them.

11. Jindo X Poodle

jindo poodle mix on the beachjindo poodle mix on the beach
Photo from: @rox.tiu

Can we finally get a hypoallergenic Jindo mix?

Of all these Jindo mixes, none of them are hypoallergenic or low-shedding. In fact, none of them are low-maintenance dogs either.

However, I can’t guarantee your Jindo Poodle mix will be hypoallergenic. There’s a 50% chance it will be low-shedding and less likely to cause allergies. But, this is only if the Poodle genes prevail because the Poodle doesn’t shed. If your Jindo Poodle (or Joodle) looks more like the Jindo parent, say goodbye to hypoallergenic traits.

Joodle puppies tend to have a scruffy-looking coat with loose waves. They look like someone splashed them with water! But, this only improves their overall cuteness score.

Are Joodles as sweet on the inside as they are on the outside?

Joodle puppies are friendly, but not as friendly as some other Jindo mixes. This has a lot to do with the Poodle’s character. Poodles are friendly, but they’re a bit snobbish. They won’t bend over backwards for their humans.

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You might not enjoy a Poodle Jindo mix if you’re not too active. Poodles are born hunters, and they prefer to stay active all the time. Snoozing in the corner is not their deal. They like being out and about so everyone can see them. That’s exactly how Jindo Poodle puppies are.

Getting such a mix is absolutely fine if you want a doggo to worship and admire. However, their loyalty might be questionable as Joodle puppies aren’t too loyal and protective like Jindo parents.

What the Joodle puppy seeks is a single dog owner with all the time in the world to devote to him.

12. Jindo X Blue Heeler

jindo blue heeler mixjindo blue heeler mix

If I had to compare a Blue Heeler with a Red Heeler, I’d have to go with the first option. They’re more stunning to me, and that’s the reason why I picked them for this list of the most popular Jindo mixes.

What you need to realize about Jindo mixes is that there can be a bunch of them, but only a dozen or so are the best of the best.

Another reason why I had to include the Blue Heeler is because they’re much alike Jindos temperament-wise. These are alert dogs, really smart, and always ready for some action. You can sleep soundly knowing there’s a Blue Heeler Jindo watching over you.

Although Blue Heelers are herding, not hunting dogs, their temperament and work ethic seems to get along with the Jindo’s hunting genes. Their puppies will grow up into one of the finest working dogs.

What’s important for Blue Jindos is that they have to be trained from puppyhood. These dogs should also go through early socialization so they don’t end up having behavioral issues later on. You don’t want a dog that’s awkward, maybe even dangerous around other dogs, right?

You do this, and you will have a pawfectly-behaving Jindo Blue Heeler.

Lastly, I want to point out that your Jindo Heeler pup might be spectacular-looking, too!. Imagine a Blue Heeler crossed with a brindle Jindo. Those would be some stunning little ones, don’t you agree?

To Sum Up…

Which of the Korean Jindo mixes is your favorite pup?

There are lots of great mixed breed dogs on this list, and I’m pawsitive there’s a doggo of your dreams out there.

Jindo mixes are quite special dogs. They’re pretty from the outside, and also beautiful from the inside. However, the world isn’t that familiar with this lovable dog breed.

Lucky for us, these dogs now live outside their home island. I have a feeling there will be more Jindo dogs and Jindo mixes in the future once everyone realizes how great Jindos are.

What you should know about Jindo mixes is that they’re smart and trainable, but they have to be socialized from a young age, and exceptionally alert and protective of their owner. All in all, Jindo mixes usually turn out to be quite the people pleasers, and that’s something we all wish for.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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