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Owning a Cane Corso is like having a furry big brother that will always be there to protect you, but will also put you into trouble in no time.

Bone was my ride or die, and I couldn’t imagine going through certain periods of my life without him by my side. But, was it easy to have him as a family dog? Definitely not.

We challenged each other on every level – he tested my patience numerous times while I tested his social skills and the ability to adapt to children.

Fortunately, both of us passed the tests successfully, and I never regretted for a second having him as a part of my life and family.

black cane corsoblack cane corso
Photo from: pinterest.com

#1 Big Dog, Big Heart

Bone loved me so much that I sometimes thought I didn’t deserve him. His tail would wag like crazy every time he saw me at the door, which would instantly make my day better, even if I had a difficult day at work.

He would rarely leave my side while we were together, and would often follow me even to the bathroom, which I found quite amusing and adorable.

However, what I realized through his actions of love, protection, and affection was that my dog was actually dealing with separation anxiety.

cute cane corso puppycute cane corso puppy
Photo from: Calming Dog

Once I acknowledged this as an issue that needed to be resolved, I focused on research on how to ease separation anxiety in my beloved pup and build his trust in me.

Fortunately enough, his symptoms were rather mild and with time, he got used to the fact that I didn’t have to be there 24/7 in order for him to feel safe.

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However, it didn’t take long until we faced up a new challenge – adaptation to the family.

#2 Supervise To Avoid Unpleasant Surprise

I still remember reading the ABC News article about the case of a poor boy from Brooklyn who was mauled by a Cane Corso, which sent a chill down my spine since my brother has kids who love spending time at my place.

Although Bone and I already developed a strong bond filled with love, trust, and loyalty, I wasn’t sure if the same applied to other members of my family.

Training my Cane Corso to sit, stand, and heel was not challenging as much as I thought it would be, so I believed that with time he would get used to kids, as well. Fortunately, Bone did not disappoint.

cute little girl playing with cane corsocute little girl playing with cane corso
Photo from: Bubbly Pet

As Will Atherton explained in his video, in order to behave well around children, and humans in general, Cane Corso needs to be well-socialized. But, there’s a golden rule about this one – do not force anything.

Bone had his own pace of learning and accepting things, so I let him slowly get used to other people around the two of us.

Essentially, Cane Corsos are guardians, and they’d rarely hurt children; but, accidents might appear, which is why the dog has to be under constant supervision.

I knew that Bone would never hurt anyone on purpose, but with his size and strength, he could accidentally hurt a younger kiddo, which is why I was always near while Bone was in the same room with my brother’s kids.

#3 A Guardian, Not A Toy

I admired Bone from the first day I got him for his Mastiff heritage and protective skills that were at a truly exceptional level.

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The primary role of his ancestors was to guard their owners and remain by their side no matter what, and Bone was definitely up to the task, too.

cane corso runningcane corso running
Photo from: pinterest.com

He deserved respect and admiration, so it was natural that I couldn’t treat him as a Lab or a Golden Retriever. And that was the biggest mistake some people from my surroundings made.

He looked quite cute with his chocolate shade and droopy cheeks so I wasn’t surprised that people wanted to interact with him. 

However, he was not amused at all, and did his best to ignore strangers as much as possible. 

Did that make him a bad family doggo? No. Just a different type of one. 

I got used to the fact that he’s extremely cuddly and affectionate with me and people that were around him on a daily basis, and completely indifferent to people outside his “social circle”. [1]

#4 Family Time = Exercise Time

This quote is especially true if you own a Cane Corso. Bone challenged me physically on a daily basis, and although I wasn’t exactly fond of such a regime, my body is beyond grateful for it.

This type of doggo is a perfect choice for families or individuals who love spending time outside, going hiking, running, or camping.

cane corso jumpingcane corso jumping
Photo from: pinterest.com

If you’re not able to take enough time from your daily obligations to fulfill his exercising needs, I’d suggest you rethink your family pet choice.

There’s no vacay time with these pooches, so even if you take your doggie to the beach, instead of enjoying slow walks and sunbathing, you’ll probably end up doing this:

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But, I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’m sure neither would you.

black cane corso with toyblack cane corso with toy
Photo from: pinterest.com

Final Word

My experience with a Cane Corso taught me that they can be excellent family dogs, but cannot be treated the same way as popular family pets.

Cane Corsi are just like children; they might become loving and friendly beings with good social skills only if they’re raised by the right owner.

Was I the right owner? I believe so, considering that Bone was really a good family dog. Was I the perfect owner? Probably not.

And if you feel the same, that’s perfectly okay.


1. Reisen, Jan. (August 11, 2021.) “10 Facts About the Formidable (and Lovable) Cane Corso.” American Kennel Club Website.

By Andy Marcus

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