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Alex Collins, a single mother living in northern California, was out interviewing for a new job when she recieved a devastating phone call.Her neighbor called to say her house was in flames, and her dog was still inside. Thankfully, the woman’s toddler was safe at daycare, but when she arrived home, she had no idea whether her dog named Boo would live or die.


Thanks to the dedicated work of the Chico Fire Department, Boo was rescued from the burning house. Firefighters entered the home and found the dog lying unresponsive in a smoke-filled room. They carried him out to an awaiting ambulance, but he wasn’t out of danger.

His breathing was labored, and the pup had inhaled a significant amount of smoke. With an oxygen mask placed over his muzzle, firefighters and first responders worked tirelessly to save the dog’s life.

It’s now one week later, and Boo is back on his feet and feeling good. Chico Fire-Rescue shared on Twitter a surprise reunion between the happy family dog and the firefighters who saved his life.

The white and black speckled pup seemed to fit right in at the firehouse and enjoyed pets and attention from his heroes. Luckily, the smoke he inhaled wasn’t enough to cause lasting damage.

After being checked out by a veterinarian, Boo is already recovering from his traumatic experience of being trapped in a burning house.

While Collins is happy to still have Boo, there’s no avoiding the reality of her home burning down. Her toddler’s toys and clothes along with most of her other belongings were all lost in the fire.

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A fundraising campaign was started by one of Collins’ friends, and the community has come together to help the single mom move forward. Firefighters are grateful they made it in time to keep her family intact.




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