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Romania has a large number of stray dogs and that is truly heartbreaking.Seeing all these poor helpless animals being left to fend for themselves and trying to do their best to survive on the streets is really sad.


These poor canines turn to humans most of the time to get help but instead they get ignored.

This was the case of a homeless dog that wouldn’t stop going after passersby around town hoping someone will give her the love and care she needs.

Even though people weren’t friendly the rescuers at Howl Of A Dog for sure were.

They approached the friendly dog immediately and the sweet pooch was so excited and happy to take the treats they gave her.

The sweet dog that was named Lily was sent to the rescue’s vet clinic where it was determined the sweet was around two years old and healthy.

After the rescuers took her outside for a walk, sweet pooch was a bit confused, but she certainly knew she could count on these people.

Not long after the rescue Lily took her road to Germany where a loving family was waiting for her with arms open.


Go girl you finally found the love you were craving.



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