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Marshalls, one of America’s best known discount store chains is famous for selling high quality clothing at affordable prices, but some people may wonder, is Marshalls dog friendly?

You’d be surprised that, for a store that mainly focuses on clothing, Marshalls is actually a pet friendly store.

There are no rules barring dogs from entering, meaning people with disabilities are, by default, allowed to enter into the stores with their service animals.

Pets who work as emotional support animals count too.

However, while Marshalls itself doesn’t have a no pet policy, rules may differ in local stores as it depends on the management at that specific store for various reasons usually influenced by the local populace.

However, Marshalls isn’t the only pet friendly store out there, there are plenty of other options available if your local Marshalls isn’t a fan of pets.

To find out how Marshalls handles its pet policy as well as find out which other stores allow pets to roam their aisles, be sure to read on.

So, Is Marshalls Dog Friendly Or Not?

Marshalls department storeMarshalls department store

While I do hate not giving a concrete answer, it’s both a yes and a no, or rather a “yes” with some restrictions.

There’s no official rule that every Marshalls store has to enforce about banning dogs on the premises, however, some stores have somewhat restricted what types of dogs can enter.

They still primarily allow service dogs and emotional support animals on the premises, but any other dog is a no go.

This was a decision made due to several complaints filed from customers about dogs who misbehave and often end up being too loud in a store and dogs who ruined the clothes themselves.

Then there was the issue of people with allergies to dog hair or saliva who would get sneezing fits, watery eyes, maybe some swelling if the dog came in contact with the clothing, or worse.

Finally, the biggest offenders were dogs who showcased overly aggressive behavior and acted as a safety hazard for the customers which was unacceptable in those specific stores.

While I’m all for allowing dogs in more areas, especially for people who need them to guide them through life due to certain disabilities, I can understand Marshall’s decision on restricting their access.

Customer safety, comfort and quality of shopping come first after all.

How Can I Find Out Whether Or Not The Marshall Store In My Area Allows Dogs?

Well, the best way to go about it is to call them.

This way you won’t have to make the trip over, especially if it takes a while only to end up being disappointed when you realize that your dog may not be able to potentially enter.

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Meanwhile, a simple phone call and a few polite questions can get you all the answers you need and the ability to find out whether or not the store allows pets inside the premises.

Should I Do Anything Else Before Going With My Dog Into The Store?

woman in a park holding her dogwoman in a park holding her dog

Of course. However, keep in mind that this implies that your local Marshalls store doesn’t have a no dog policy.

There are several things you should do out of courtesy for other customers, the store owners and overall public decency.

Not doing everything you can to make them more comfortable may end up banning you from the store should your dog do something egregious.

Here are a few steps you should do prior to coming in with your furry friend:

1. Make Sure Your Dog Has Done His Business

Nobody likes walking around the street and having to smell, or worse, step into a dog’s excrement. The same goes for stores too.

There has to be some sort of line drawn, and that’s certainly one of them.

Before you head to the store, make sure you take your dog out for a walk and that he’s done his business thoroughly, both his #1s and #2s.

Trust me, you don’t want him suddenly wanting to relieve himself in the middle of the store or to mark his territory on a rack or a wall. That’ll be a one way ticket to getting banned, or, at the very least, having you clean up the mess in front of everyone.

2. Keep Your Dog On A Leash

This one goes without saying. Shoppers need to feel safe and the dog needs to be attended to at all times.

Nobody wants a random dog coming up on them as they’re shopping for clothes, walking out from under the clothes no matter how good natured and well meaning he may be.

Always make sure he has his leash and collar on and keep him close to you so others can walk around freely.

Sure, a lot of people love dogs, but some don’t or are allergic, as mentioned before, so it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

3. Go Down Less Populated Aisles

man walking his dog on a leash in storeman walking his dog on a leash in store

Following up from #2, you’ll also want to try and avoid other people as best you can to not interrupt their own shopping spree.

Respect their personal space and keep to your side. You can always check a specific aisle later to see if it’s empty so you can peruse it yourself.

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4. Come Early In The Morning Or Closer To Closing Time

Following up from #3 this time, the less populated hours of a store are ideal for coming in with your dog.

There are a lot less shoppers around so you don’t have to worry about bothering them too much, and you won’t have to weave around the store to avoid them, meaning you can browse a bit easier.

It’s a win-win situation even if you don’t go in with a dog considering how busy some stores can get. Plus, there are less large crowds that could potentially unsettle your dear doggo.

5. Make Sure Your Canine Companion Is Well Fed Beforehand

A full belly makes for a happy camper. This is especially true for dogs as they really love their chow and are a lot crankier on an empty stomach than a full one.

Not only will they be more irritable, should you take them to a grocery store, they may not be able to contain themselves and start devouring any food within reach.

While this applies a little less to Marshalls given their choice of product, it can apply to places with food on display like Walmart and other grocery stores.

What Are Some Of The Other Stores That May Allow Dogs And Other Pets Inside?

woman carrying her maltese dogwoman carrying her maltese dog

Of course, as mentioned earlier, Marshalls isn’t the only store that allows pets to be walked or carried into the stores. There are plenty of others too, some of which may be in your area.

However, even if that is the case, local stores may have different policies like not allowing non-service dogs in or even stricter rules due to prior incidents, so it’s still best to call ahead and ask.

With that in mind, here are some of the other stores that allow pets inside:


Not only does LUSH allow pet dogs to enter their department stores, this cosmetics manufacturer doesn’t do any animal testing either.

This means that both you and your canine companion can walk their halls comfortably, knowing that LUSH is a great friend to all animals.

2. Michaels

If you’re someone who’s into crafts, crochet or some simple, relaxing knitting, then you’d be surprised to learn that Michaels is another store that you can bring your dog into.

You may want to keep him away from the product as it can be dangerous for him to crack into, but other than that, they’ve claimed that they’re welcoming to pets.

3. Nordstrom

If you have a passion for fashion, and I assume you do, given your desire to go to Marshalls, then Nordstrom can be added to your repertoire of pet friendly stores.

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They’re yet another retailer who’s glad to have dogs roam about their stores, under the assumption that they’re on leashes and that they’re well behaved.

So, make sure you do all of the aforementioned steps before you get your doggo to a Nordstrom store location and you should be good to go on a shopping spree.

4. TJ Maxx

Owned by the same company as Marshalls, it comes as no surprise that TJ Maxx also allows well behaved dogs to enter their premises.

If you don’t have the former around, know that they’re basically the same nowadays.

5. HomeGoods

homegoods storehomegoods store

Just like with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, HomeGoods is owned by the same company, and they allow calm and properly trained dogs into their stores.

Make sure to keep him on a leash, away from others and keep him from making a mess and you should be fine to shop at HomeGoods.

6. Macy’s

Macy’s is yet another department store chain that you can hit up on your shopping trip as they too allow dogs of all sizes to enter their stores as long as they behave.

That said, some Macy’s are tied to shopping malls which may have different policies that supersede theirs, so, if yours is tied to one, make sure to check with the mall’s policies first.

7. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdales, another department store chain, though this time offering some more luxurious clothing, is also filled with a bunch of dog lovers, shockingly enough.

Once again though, it’s on a store by store basis as customers do come first, and if someone complained at one of their store locations, chances are the policy got somewhat stricter.

Check with your local Bloomingdale’s location before you get over there with your dog so you can save yourself the time and potential disappointment if you’re denied at the entrance.

8. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to dip more into their artistic side. Another fantastic thing about them is that they allow dogs on the premises.

So grab your leash and your shopping cart and take your furry best friend out next time you want to get something for your new woodworking project or similar.

9. Old Navy

Another great department store which stocks the latest trends at more affordable prices. But that’s not all that’s great about them as they too allow dog owners to bring their pets around.

You’ll want to abide by standard procedures that I mentioned prior to this list, but, aside from that, you should be good to bring your precious pooch along next time you visit.

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10. PetSmart

petsmart department storepetsmart department store

Shop smart, shop PetSmart. What good is a shop for pet goods if they don’t allow pets to come inside.

Thankfully, PetSmart is one of the stores that welcome all pets into the premises.

Most of the staff usually love any and all pets that walk through their doors and will eagerly rush to help make it more comfortable for them.

11. PetCo

You can chalk PetCo up alongside PetSmart as another pet store that allows dogs on the premises.

Leashed and well-behaved of course, but they’re more lenient than a department store would be about it.

12. Bass Pro Shops

For all you hunting enthusiasts, you’ll be glad to know that Bass Pro Shops also finds itself on this list of shops that allow dogs.

They even have an annual Dog Day event where the company gladly invites dog owners to come in with their dogs to shop for their goods.

Just make sure that your pooch behaves well and you should be good to go.

13. Barnes And Noble

That’s right, one of the largest US book selling companies is dog friendly in most locations as long as they’re kept on a leash and behave, as is the standard for most retailers on this list.

So, if you get an itch to buy a new best-selling page turner, remember that you can bring your precious pooch along for the ride.

14. Various Bars And Restaurants

While this isn’t specific to any particular restaurant chain, a good number of bars and restaurants will usually allow you to take your dog with you if you sit outside.

This, of course, means that said places need to have seating outside to begin with, but, if they do, they’re pretty lax about dogs attending the table, as long as they don’t bother the other customers and are kept on a leash.

I’m sure the dog will enjoy the cool feel of the pavement and will appreciate a place to take a rest on one of your walks while you grab a drink with a friend or get some grub.

15. Vineyards

Given how open they are, the same rules apply as they would in a restaurant setting’s outdoor area, albeit even looser, to a degree.

Some vineyards will let you walk your dog around their fields even, as long as he doesn’t start wrecking the place and will allow him to sit or lay down under the table while you taste some of their fine wines.

16. Lowe’s

lowe's department storelowe's department store

For all your pet friendly home improvement needs, there’s Lowe’s. That’s right, this extremely popular store chain allows leashed dogs to accompany their owners while they shop for home supplies.

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Just follow the basic etiquette, as well as keep your dog away from any heavy duty appliances so he doesn’t rack up your bill or hurt himself on accident.

Oh, and keep him away from any vacuum cleaners so his heart doesn’t jump out of his chest during a demo run.

17. Pottery Barn

A furniture store that allows pets? I know, I was just as surprised as you likely are right now when I found out about it, but yes, dogs are allowed in some of their stores as long as they’re kept away from the furniture in question.

A leash is required too, but that part goes without saying, purely for the safety of the customers, if anything.

18. Home Depot

Yet another home improvement store chain that doesn’t ban dogs as a company policy.

They even have wider aisles where you can move around with your dog without bothering the other customers.

However, local stores may still restrict this access to service dogs and emotional support pets only, or just outright ban dogs and any other pets.

I’d advise calling your local Home Depot up to check their stance on this beforehand.

19. Shake Shack

As a fast food place, it’s surprising that they would allow dogs on the premises, but they do, though only if they have places for you to sit outside.

The inside is still reserved for service dogs only.

Another surprising thing is that some of them even have a menu for your dog if your specific one provides this service.

20. Tractor Supply Co

For all of you folk living the country life, Tractor Supply Co is a dog friendly establishment that lets your dogs on the grounds.

Given how their main products are farming supplies, it’s only natural for them to allow your darling doggo to get comfortable around a familiar setting.

21. Starbucks


Starbucks is similar to fast food stores, bars and restaurants in that they’ll allow you to sit outside with your dog if they have an outdoor area.

They’ll allow service dogs inside, but any other animal is liable to mark them up for a health violation, so the indoor pet policy is pretty strict.

22. Half-Price Books

If Barnes and Noble isn’t your thing and you want to get some books on a budget, but be accompanied by your pet, you may want to give Half-Price Books a go.

Some of their stores allow for pets to enter inside, but some are a bit more strict if they’ve had too many incidents with noisy dogs or aggressive ones.

As always, with any store-by-store case that depends on how the store manager runs things, so be sure to call your local one to find out what their dog policy is.

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23. Apple Stores

If you heard from someone that such a massive company like Apple would allow pets into their stores, you’d likely call them crazy, but it is surprisingly true.

Though, given how crowded they often are, they advise that if you want to bring your dog with you into one of their stores, that you should try visiting during less active hours, for your dog’s sake and the sake of their customers and reputation.

24. Ross Dress For Less

Finally, we have Ross Dress For Less, a discount store chain spearheaded in Dublin, but has gained a lot of popularity in the US.

They’re yet another option for you to add to the list of dog-allowed stores, albeit they need to be kept on a leash and well-behaved, as always.

And More..!

There are probably some more, less popular places that allow dogs inside their stores, but, if I started counting up all of them, it’d make this article a whole lot bigger.

If you’re ever in question on whether or not a place allows dogs or what their policy on pets is in general, just give them a ring and they’ll be more than happy to give you the answer.

In Conclusion

pomeranian being walked on a leashpomeranian being walked on a leash

So, we’ve answered the question of “Is Marshalls dog friendly?” as well as many other stores.

It turns out that they are and that the strict no pet policies of the last century have gotten a lot more relaxed in modern times now that people understand the importance of emotional support animals and service dogs.

However, it’s important that the dog is well behaved and that your four-legged friend won’t cause any problems for the retailers or their customers.

Aside from that, it’s always good to call the place up to check whether or not dogs are allowed in before you arrive.

It’ll save you a lot of trouble and save you from embarrassment if you’re turned away with your dog when you show up and they don’t allow them in at all.

I hope this has helped you somewhat and that it’ll allow you and your furry friend to have a little bit more bonding time with one another. Until next time.


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