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Can you guess what puppy creature stands behind this interesting name? That’s right! The Chilier dog is a beautiful combination of two purebred kings – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Chihuahua.

This is a unique designer dog that boasts all the best traits from its dog parents. Both of its ancestors happen to be small breeds that are charming and affectionate towards dog owners. The Chilier Dog makes one of the best family dogs and demands little to zero maintenance.

Chilier dog is an intelligent dog breed by nature, and the training process will be a great pleasure.

Are you looking for a dog with a high level of socialization, and high energy levels at the same time? Well, this is it! The Chilier puppies are kings of the house, playful, and the center of attention at all times.

With their royal background inherited from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the fashionista soul of the Chihuahua, the Chilier Dog is an ultimate king loved by families.

Want to find out more about this majestic breed? You’re in the right place, so buckle up!

What Is A Chilier Dog?

Chilier Dog looking upChilier Dog looking up

The Chilier dog, or popularly known as a Cavachi, is a Chihuahua and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. This is a small dog that doesn’t exceed 10 inches in height, nor does it weigh more than 12 pounds. This mixed breed is categorized among the smallest puppies in the world, which is one of their most famous traits.

The overall appearance of the Chilier puppies depends on the breeder. These mixed breed dogs are, by default, toy dogs with floppy ears and big eyes. The first is the hereditary trait of the Cavalier Spaniel, whilst the latter is the Chihuahua’s famous marking.

However, there are some variants that collect the majority of their genetic legacy from one parent, so the overall appearance comes across a little different than in standard Chilier Dogs.

For instance, Chiliers that inherit up to 75% of Chihuahua traits are generally smaller, and have shorter hair and smaller ears.

This Cavalier and Chihuahua mix is quite popular among dog owners in the United States, as we can see more and more Chilier dogs on streets, social media, and in public places.

The breed is quite favorable for indoor life, especially because the dog doesn’t have a problem living indoors and doesn’t require big spaces for training.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Vs. Chihuahua: Meet The Parents

Cavachis are hybrid dogs that have their own unique path in terms of behavior, and this largely depends on the training type. However, we can’t deny genetics. Pet owners should know that parent breeds leave a huge impact and share over 80% of behavioral characteristics with their offspring.

On one hand, the Cavachi puppy happens to be a playful, royal dog with high levels of energy, despite being a small breed. On the other hand, this companion dog is a toy breed that doesn’t mind lying on the couch all day.

Being a toy breed demands awareness, though. A special feeding chart is required for both parent breeds, as well as for the Cavachi puppy, as these puppies have a tendency to be overweight.

Unlike large breeds, such as Retrievers, Bulldogs, or Pit Bulls, these small puppies need more frequent and smaller portions of food a day. Even though the parent breeds qualify among the healthiest dog breeds in the world, especially Chihuahuas, they still need supervision.

Unregulated feeding habits can cause damage to your puppy and obesity can contribute to stomach stress, as well as to decreased motion potential. That’s just something you don’t want in a dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is an AKC recognized dog that comes from England. It is famous for being a royal dog and for its adorable, fashionable look. However, the Spaniel legacy in this puppy makes its energy levels high and one of the best dogs to have in a family.

The overall height of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is between 12-13 inches, which puts the breed into the club of small dogs. Their weight is between 13-18 pounds. Their small size, however, doesn’t correlate with the fact that Cavalier puppies are fearless, courageous, and agile.

They don’t mind having an active lifestyle, as the breed itself is represented in various dog shows and dog contests. Due to their activity level, Cavalier Spaniel puppies are perfect for accompanying small children.

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The breed is also recommended for both experienced and inexperienced dog owners, as the trainability process goes smoothly and the dog is quite adaptable to a new environment. It has a non-aggressive nature.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel colors are: tricolor, merle, black and tan, chocolate, or white. They have a silky, medium-long coat that does require frequent grooming. In comparison with Chihuahuas, Cavalier puppies are shedders, and a bit higher maintenance.


This is another American Kennel Club recognized breed. The Chihuahua puppy is a toy breed, around 6-8 inches high. The weight remains around 2-6 pounds, which makes Chihuahua puppies the smallest dog breed in the world.

Due to their small size, the Chihuahua feeding chart has to be carefully designed and monitored. The breed doesn’t stand obesity as it affects their overall well-being and makes their joints vulnerable. The feeding has to be broken into several smaller meals, with 3-4 hour periods between each of them.

There are two types of Chihuahua puppies: the Apple Head Chihuahua and the Deer Head Chihuahua. The difference is reflected in the shape of their head. Both, however, share the same behavioral characteristics and don’t differ in temperament.

Chihuahua puppies are affectionate apartment living puppies. However, the breed is not recommended for families with small kids as the breed sometimes shows the signs of aggression. This is due to their spoiled and dominant nature.

Socialization and obedience training are recommended from an early age. Early socialized Chihuahuas won’t show aggression and will be integrated as good family dogs.

This high-quality breed comes in fawn, cream, black, brown, and red editions. Each coloring is unique and fits the breed perfectly.

The Chilier Mix History

The Chilier puppy doesn’t have a long history. The first time this designer dog was introduced to the world was a couple of decades ago. The idea breeders had was to create a breed that held the family traits of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the fashionable, toy look of Chihuahua puppies.

They seem to have succeeded, as Cavachi puppies are true human companions and their best friends. They share both Cavalier Spaniel and Chihuahua colors. Red, tricolor, brown, and cream are just some of their rich coat coloring backgrounds.

The breeders also wanted to make sure that this crossbreed met the standards of a healthy dog. The Chilier puppy doesn’t face major health issues and, just like Chihuahua puppies, qualifies among the healthiest small breeds in the world.

Crossbreeding these two puppies has made the Chilier dog traits favorable in households, but in dog shows too. The training process of this designer dog is smooth and easy, as the breed shows excellence in following commands, and eagerness in pleasing the owner.

The breed doesn’t require too much space, and fits perfectly in an apartment. Their training process can be done indoors too. This means Chilier puppies can perfectly stand living in a city as they don’t require frequent outdoor activities.

However, the breed loves socialization and being around people. They won’t have a problem accompanying you during walks. They, however, need a leash as the wandering nature of the Cavalier Spaniel can make them disobedient in public.

Also, do not overwhelm your puppy with more exercise than needed. Once you see them panting, it is time to pick them up and carry them home.

Chilier Dog: The Charm Of A Poodle

close shot of Chilier Dogclose shot of Chilier Dog

This designer dog breed is not a watchdog by nature, although the puppies resemble alert dogs with their high-pitched barking. However, this is just the trait of Chihuahua puppies and doesn’t have anything to do with guarding. It’s just their way of communicating with dog owners.

The Chilier puppy has a beautiful nature and charm of Poodle puppies, and their big eyes resemble those of the Pug breed. The fashionable look mostly belongs to the Chihuahua dog breed, as this toy breed enjoys grooming, accessorizing, and is a real show-off.

On the other hand, the Chihuahua growth chart goes hand in hand with the Chilier puppy, as the latter is also like the purse dog and loves being carried around. Breeders have made sure that the breed doesn’t deviate in terms of the parents’ character.

However, the advantage of having a Chilier dog in your house is that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s traits – affection, friendliness, and playfulness – predominate in the overall Chilier appearance.

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Do you have friends coming over to your house frequently? Not a problem! The Chilier puppy will welcome them with open paws!

Coat Color

The puppies can have both long to medium, and short coat types. It all depends on the percentage of parent genes represented in a puppy. Cavachis with more than 70% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes will probably have a longer, silky, or wavy coat.

On the other hand, puppies with more Chihuahua genes represented are short-coated and Chihuahua-like.

Both of these versions are favorable and have their own advantages. The first one is more prone to creative grooming ideas.

Cavachis with medium coats can use Cavapoo haircut ideas, to some extent, and still look adorable! On the other hand, short-coated Cavachis shed less and their grooming is low-maintenance.

When it comes to coat colors, the Chilier dog appears in white, black, brown, fawn, gray, or tri-color variants. Each of these colors are unique in Chilier puppies and create their own stamp of cuteness.

Sometimes Cavachi puppies’ price can vary in respect of their coat colors, as some are less represented and harder to find. However, each of these puppies is unique and the color type just adds to the overall picture.

How Big Do Chiliers Get?

The overall growth chart of a Chilier dog depends on the dog parents’ representation. A fifty-fifty split in genes means the Chilier puppy will probably be around 8-10 inches tall, and weigh around 10-12 pounds.

However, if we take into consideration the Chihuahua growth chart, we will see that this puppy is even smaller than that. Chiliers who share the majority of genes with Chi puppies will be slightly smaller and shorter.

In any case, the Chilier growth chart doesn’t exceed 12 pounds in weight. Anything beyond that is considered as potential obesity and has to be prevented. This is due to Chilier’s vulnerable physique. This small breed requires high-quality dog food, proper feeding habits, and the best dog food.

Factors affecting the Chilier’s growth

Besides their genetics, there are several factors that impact the overall growth of Cavachi puppies.

This implies feeding and training. If your puppy happens to be a couch potato type of dog, then the feeding has to be supervised even more closely. Inactive dogs are prone to obesity as they gain weight easily.

The Cavachi puppies need quality food in order to remain healthy. You may want to stay away from the worst dog food brands on the market, as they don’t do your puppy any good. Cavachis share the sensitivity of Chihuahua puppies. Obesity threatens to be one of the major factors affecting their lifespan.

Furthermore, obese puppies can’t perform basic dog activities properly. This is a huge step back, especially if we take into consideration that Chilier canines need activity in order to remain calm and affectionate.

This is also the case with Chihuahua puppies – if they don’t spend their energy properly, they can show signs of self-destruction.

On the other hand, extremely active and playful puppies can enjoy occasional treats, but the treats also need to be high-quality and not that frequent.

The Chilier Dog’s Temperament

Chilier Dog sitting on grassChilier Dog sitting on grass

This is the perfect dog breed for first-time dog owners. It doesn’t require a long-term adaptation process and the breed generally does well around new people. However, these are traits that don’t go hand in hand with good watchdog traits.

Still, people who purchase the Chilier puppy know what they are getting into. They do not look for a watchdog, but a cute, family dog that is affectionate, loyal and funny. At times, the puppy resembles a teacup Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Generally, Cavachi dogs are good around all types of personalities, and especially with small children. This is the trait of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as this purebred shows affection and high-levels of tolerance.

On the other hand, Cavachis with higher representation of Chihuahua genes can show signs of aggression towards unknown people and animals. This is why early socialization training is highly recommended.

Also, you need to consider obedience training. Properly trained puppies have a lower tendency to show unpredictable behavior, and they are more favorable in a family environment.

Overall, Chilier dogs are good dogs that love spending time indoors, lying around the house and having creative play time with owners. They love making owners happy, which means the breed is task-oriented, eager to please, and easy to train.

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Their exquisite intelligence makes the training process smooth and not that difficult. However, you need to show patience and dedication in order to have a loyal canine for life.


Chiliers, by default, are well-behaved canines. They take the best traits from both dog parents, but those puppies with highly represented Cavalier Spaniel genes are more favorable among dog owners.

This is due to their affection and lower tendency to show aggression. Cavalier Spaniels are known for their calm and easy-going nature, which is not always the case with Chihuahua puppies.

Chilier puppies are easy to train, and they will accompany a dog owner anywhere he/she goes.

This means they won’t have a problem spending the entire day inside a house, nor do they mind being outside. The breed is quite social, loves to hang around in all types of environments, and shows kindness towards unknown people.

On the other hand, Chiliers with a Chihuahua character can at times be high-maintenance. This is due to Chihuahua’s stubborn nature. Chihuahuas, despite being teddy bear dogs and innocent-looking creatures, are to some extent an aggressive dog breed, especially towards unfamiliar faces.

They show aggression with high-pitched barking and excessive growling. However, the fact that this is a toy breed means they won’t do much damage to anyone, but you should consider obedience training. Early trained Chilier puppies, as well as Chihuahuas, is always a good solution.

This way you will eliminate the unpredictable behavior, and create a positive ground for a long-term relationship based on love, affection, and respect.

Are Chilier Dogs Aggressive?

Chilier canines are not an aggressive dog breed, even though the second parent, the Chihuahua, occasionally shows signs of aggression. Breeders wanted to make sure this designer dog inherited the best traits from both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Chihuahua.

However, crossbreeding is never as perfect as desired, and needs constant genetic research and improvement. This means the breeders cannot always guarantee that the puppy won’t have the negative hereditary traits of the Chihuahua.

However, dog owners need to know that most dog traits are perfected throughout the training process. There are many ways to shape your puppy’s behavior. The most favorable in this case are: socialization, early obedience training, positive reinforcement, and large amounts of love.

Chilier puppies are intelligent and they detect emotions easily. Usually it is a two-way street – if you give love to your puppy, you will receive love back. That’s how the canines work, and that’s the starting point of all training.

If, however, your Chilier canine shows signs of aggression, you should first start looking into potential roots of this problem. It is not that rare that puppies behave aggressively as a response to inadequate human behavior.

Why are Chihuahuas so aggressive at times can also be explained by several other factors. They imply a lack of a safe space, spaying/neutering, lack of socialization, and/or lack of exercise.


The training process does require a lot of time and patience, but it also represents a real treat to Chilier dog owners. Why? Simply because of the fact that Chilier puppies are intelligent, and they perfect the tasks easily.

Both of the Cavachi parents are intelligent dog breeds, used as multi-functional dogs. For instance, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was initially used as a sporting dog. They have also appeared in dog shows and various dog contests.

These puppies are agile, task-oriented, and love chasing! In England, the Cavalier canine was popular for hunting squirrels and birds, as this activity represents a huge treat for it.

On the other hand, given the Chihuahua size, these canines are mostly bred to be lap dogs. Their physical abilities don’t meet the potential of large dog breeds, and they need careful handling. However, they do enjoy occasional activities, but the training process can be done inside a house.

Social activity is crucial for Chihuahua’s well being and maintaining their nature. Canines with unused energy levels can show aggression and be too much to handle, especially for first-time owners.

The same goes for Chilier dog owners. The puppies are quite intelligent, and their activity level is high. You may want to consider creating a playground just for play time. These puppies can easily become bored and require new ways to be entertained from time to time.

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However, people who live in an apartment and don’t have adequate space for doing so can replace the playground time with gentle, moderate walks in the city. Dog training collars are a good option too, especially if your puppy has a tendency to go out on a daily basis.

Is The Chivalier A Healthy Puppy?

Chivalier puppy looking awayChivalier puppy looking away

Photo from: @vicki1501

The Chilier dog doesn’t have severe health issues by default. So, yes, the puppy is generally healthy! This is the trait of Chihuahua puppies too, as this breed is one of the healthiest dog breeds in the world and has one of the longest lifespans.

Just like Chi puppies, Chiliers also live long and prosper. They have a life expectancy of 11-16 years. If we compare this to other dog breeds, we will see that only few dog breeds live to this age.

However, pet insurance is always a good choice!

The good health of Chilier canines is what makes the breed so special. They require regular veterinarian visits, though. Three things are crucial for a Chilier’s well-being.

The first is vaccination. The dog needs to receive its regular shots against potential diseases common for this breed. Also, the vaccine helps the puppy boost its immune system and resist potential viruses.

The second is deworming. It usually goes hand in hand with the vaccination, and requires the dog to take a pill in order to clean its system from dog worms and parasites.

The third thing is spaying/neutering. Each Chilier puppy needs spaying or neutering in order to maintain calm and positive behavior. Signs your dog needs to be neutered are usually manifested in excessive energy levels, unusual behavior, or occasional aggression.

Chilier Dog Healthy Feeding Requirements

‘‘How heavy should my dog be?’’ needs to be one of the first questions you will ask yourself, once you purchase the Chilier canine. Why? The reason is simple. Chiliers, being a small breed, need to stay within the recommended proportions in order to remain healthy.

Every deviation is a potential health issue, as puppies do not stand obesity, nor do they do well underweight. Obesity can cause stress to a puppy’s bones and joints and decrease its overall mobility.

Additionally, obese puppies can face diabetes. This is a slow, but progressive, disease that can have deadly repercussions. Dogs with diabetes face many side-effects, such as pale gums, excessive thirst, hypoglycemia, and so on.

In order to establish the proper feeding chart, you need to consult the vet first. Furthermore, try to implement as many healthy nutrients as possible.

Puppies love eating the food you give them from your table, but human food is really just junk food for them, which means that it creates more problems than it solves.

Do not feed your puppy junk food, and stick to the prescribed feeding chart! Both you and your puppy will be happy.


Hypoglycemia in dogs can be a severe health problem. It implies low blood sugar levels, which can be fatal. Dogs that are untreated can even face death.

That’s why it is important to recognize the symptoms and to act quickly. Hypoglycemia in dogs is manifested through lack of appetite, overall weakness, low energy levels, and even seizures. It is not recommended that you give your puppy water during a hypoglycemia episode.

In case this happens, you need to immediately give your dog a treat with high levels of carbohydrates. Honey is perfect in this case. However, this won’t suffice to solve the problem, as you still need to take your puppy to the veterinarian.

Hypoglycemia can be a symptom of dog diabetes too. Unstable blood sugar rates are manifested in dogs who suffer from this progressive disease. In this case, you need to establish a strict feeding chart and avoid giving your puppy unhealthy foods.

Besides hypoglycemia, your puppy might face other severe symptoms, such as seizures. This is an unpleasant and scary scenario as it puts your dog through pain and exhaustion.


Glaucoma in dogs is another potential health problem for Chilier dogs. It is represented by increased fluid in the eyes that causes pressure and, possibly, dog blindness. There are two types of glaucoma: symptomatic and asymptomatic.

The first one is manifested through the severe headache your puppy experiences, and it can be detected more easily.

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The latter is not that easy to detect, as your puppy doesn’t show any glaucoma symptoms. That’s why it is crucial to visit a vet regularly and to subject the puppy to eye exams. Glaucoma disease is not that common in Chilier puppies, but it can be a severe condition.

The condition affects less than 2% of puppies in the United States and it is less likely that your Chilier canine will face this issue. However, glaucoma tests are common for this breed and don’t need to be avoided.

You need to know that any reputable breeder will subject the puppy to regular vet exams and vet tests. Aside from glaucoma, the test will also include hip exams, blood tests, and tests that detect the possible patellar luxation.

Always choose breeders who provide at least a year’s health guarantee, as that type of breeder will disclose all the information on your puppy’s health and provide needed vet documentation.

Patellar Luxation

The condition known as patellar luxation in dogs is common for small dog breeds. The condition is usually related to puppies, but can be manifested in grown dogs, too. The kneecap is dislocated from its natural position, which causes irregular movement.

Other symptoms of this disease include difficulty in moving, walking on three legs, lack of motion, and disinterest in any sort of activity. The overall quality of life is decreased, and the puppies back down from regular daily activities, which can cause frustration, and sometimes aggression.

Patellar luxation in dogs is curable, but it requires vet intervention. The condition won’t simply fade away, and sometimes a surgical intervention is needed. Here we are talking about stage 4, where the patella can’t be manually positioned back in place.

This condition is not severe or deadly, but uncured patellar luxation can cause arthritis and various knee injuries in the long run. Also, the Chilier puppies that are treated in the late stage of this disease have a tendency to redevelop it again.

That’s why it is crucial to act in a timely manner and to visit your veterinarian on a regular basis.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is more related to large breed dogs, but can also affect the Chilier dog too. Hip dysplasia in dogs manifests through weakening of the hip joint, and causes joint malfunction. The disease is mostly hereditary, but can develop in the latter stages of a dog’s life too.

It causes pain to your puppy and impacts its overall posture. Dogs that suffer hip dysplasia face bad conformation and physique, and can’t reach their full body potential. Puppies usually avoid regular puppy activities.

Jumping and running become a challenge, and some puppies have difficulty walking too. You will detect hip dysplasia by seeing a weird walking manner as many puppies limp all of a sudden. Also, canines with hip dysplasia have a weird posture while sitting, and they cannot stand for a very long time.

Their running style displays the so-called ‘‘bunny hopping’’ as they can’t run regularly.

Hip dysplasia is not a fatal condition, but requires timely treatment, and sometimes surgery. Since this is a hereditary condition in 90% of cases, make sure you choose a reliable and quality breeder. No breeder will sell a Chilier puppy suffering from this condition, as good health is guaranteed.

How Much Does A Chilier Dog Cost?

Chilier lying on bedChilier lying on bed

Photo from: @honeythepomchipoo

This is a tough question as the price of Chilier dogs vary based on several factors. The initial price starts at $300 and can go all the way to $3500.

However, the price depends on the following things: breeders quality, state, coat color, travel expenses, or gender.

Quality Of A Breeder

As much as we take into consideration the reputability of breeders of purebred dogs, we need to do the same when it comes to Chilier breeders. Both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Chihuahua breeders put a lot of work into raising a strong, healthy, and affectionate puppy. The same goes for Chilier reputable breeders.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap initial price of your puppy because you will need to add much more in the long run.

Unreliable breeders will probably not charge a high initial price.

However, take into account that you will probably need to have your puppy examined by the vet for potential Chilier diseases and to get the first vaccine and deworming, as well as buy all puppy supplies that usually come along with the puppy at reputable breeders.

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On the other hand, quality breeders will provide at least a year-health guarantee, the first package of food supplies, a leash and a collar, all vet documentation, vaccination and deworming. Furthermore, these breeders will put a lot of time into socialization, obedience, and potty training.

State and Travel Expenses

The price of the puppy also varies depending on the state. In some states the price can go up to $3500, whilst in others the price is significantly lower and goes between $1000-$2000. The reason might be found in different legal regulations.

For instance, the sales tax rate is not the same in all states, nor is the license price.

Additionally, the puppy will cost you more if the distance between you and the breeder is longer. Travel expenses are not included in the overall price, and different shipping services cost a lot. The average cost for shipping the puppy to you is somewhere between $300-400.

As some breeders will also ship additional dog supplements, like a bark collar for Chihuahuas that also fit Chilier dogs perfectly, the overall price will rise,] too!

Coat Color And Gender

Mixed dog breeds are generally cheaper by some unwritten practice, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. This mixed breed’s price is within the average puppy price, but it can go up or down by a few hundred dollars, give or take.

One of the reasons why some Chilier dogs are more expensive is the uniqueness of their color, or gender. Throughout the application process, dog owners usually specify the color they want in their Chilier puppies.

Solid colored Chiliers are usually more expensive as this type of coloring is rarer. Red, cream, white, black, chocolate are just some of many Chilier colors available on the market.


Chilier posing for photoChilier posing for photo

Photo from: @honeythepomchipoo

1. How Long Do Chilier Dogs live?

The average life expectancy of Chilier Dogs is 11-16 years. This is a healthy dog by default and their lifespan is much longer than in other dog breeds.

This is a trait of both Chilier dog parents – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Chihuahua. The latter is especially emphasized because it qualifies among the healthiest dog breeds in the world.

However, in order to maintain your puppy’s health, you need to make sure it gets the finest dog treatment, which includes regular vet checks, vaccination, spaying/neutering, and a proper feeding chart.

Growth charts in small breeds need to be monitored on a daily basis, especially in puppyhood.

This is the most sensitive period of their lives, and each day matters. This goes for all Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes. The Cavachon growth chart, as well the growth chart of Cavapoos or Cavachis, is equally important.

2. What Is A Cavalon?

The Cavalon puppy is another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix. The Cavaliers are crossbred with the Papillon puppy, known as another small breed and a dog with long ears.

The puppy itself resembles the look of the Chilier puppy, with a few important differences. This breed has a longer coat, bigger ears, and the shape of their head is different. The breed is somewhat bigger than the Chilier breed.

However, they share the same values when it comes to their behavioral characteristics. Both breeds are social, good human companions, and love being indoors. Cavalons are also intelligent, easily trained, and calm puppies that show affection towards their owners.


This small breed is everything you could ask for. The Chilier dog is an affectionate, loving, and social dog that fits perfectly into every home. The advantage of Chilier puppies is that they are recommended to both experienced and inexperienced dog owners.

The breed is excellent around kids too! They show no signs of aggression, especially if socialized from an early age.

The Chilier dog breed is healthy, reaching up to 16 years in their lifespan. This makes the puppy one of the healthiest and longest-living dogs on the planet. They don’t require much exercise, but a few activities during the day are favorable.

This intelligent breed will leave no dog owner neutral, or cold, as the puppy is a heart-melter from the start.

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