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If you have ever owned a dog, there is a high chance you had to practically beg him to get into the car.

Weston Mackey had a challenge doing so himself, which is why he came up with a great idea on how to get his new doggo into his truck.

Happy Dog, Happy Home

smiling man with dogsmiling man with dog
Source: PawBuzz / Green Life

Dudeson, the doggo that was adopted by Mackey, has made his owner’s life better in just a few weeks of having him around.

The two of them hit it off immediately after they met, which wasn’t difficult considering how adorable and lovely Dudeson is.

According to Mackey’s words from The Dodo’s article, Dudeson is a very happy doggo that is far from a drama king, as “[…] not much bothers him, really.”

He also mentioned that his pooch loves to learn new things, and that the only thing he hesitated with was getting into Mackey’s truck.

a beautiful dog is lying on the beda beautiful dog is lying on the bed
Source: The Dodo

I’m Not Getting Into That Truck, Hooman

Dudeson created a great bond with his new owner and loved his new home, but he wasn’t very fond of Mackey’s truck.

It took a lot of time and visual teaching (Mackey’s imitation of a dog getting into a car) until Dudeson finally managed to enter the truck.

Dog experts believe that there are several reasons for such behavior, including bad experiences (car accidents or any other negative situation), anxiety, noise irritation, motion sickness, or unpleasant rides to the vet or any other place that the dog is not fond of. [1]

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Considering that Dudeson is an adopted pup, there is a high chance that his fear either comes from a negative experience he had before or simply the fear of the noise that the truck produces.

Either way, Mackey decided not to give up, but to work hard until his pup finally trusted him.

Okay, I Will, But Only If You Show Me

No change comes overnight. This is something that Mackey understood from the moment he brought Dudeson home with him.

While trying to find a way to get his doggo into the truck, Mackey remembered that Dudeson had trouble with using stairs in the beginning as well, and that they overcame that obstacle by practicing together.

a man shows a dog how to jump into the cara man shows a dog how to jump into the car
Source: Green Life

Essentially, Mackey realized that the best way to get his pup into the truck was to show Dudeson what he actually needs to do.

He demonstrated the entrance into the truck in a dog’s way twice, while Dudeson watched every step he made closely.

Things didn’t go smoothly, as the doggo was quite hesitant during his first try, but eventually, he managed to get in and make his hooman super proud.

a man rescues a doga man rescues a dog
Source: PawBuzz

Mackey shared his reaction with The Dodo by saying:

I was shocked and completely stoked […] He’s still growing and a bit clumsy so I stand there to assist him, but he’s not at all afraid of getting in the truck, which makes me happy.

Road Buddies

Mackey saw an adventure buddy in Dudeson as soon as he adopted him, and he had no doubts that, with time, his doggo would jump into the truck and enjoy rides without problems.

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This was a great bonding experience for the two as well, as it helped the rescue pup build both confidence and trust in his owner.

a man helps a dog into a cara man helps a dog into a car
Source: Green Life

Mackey is well aware that there will be a lot of work in the future as well, but he’s prepared to guide his doggo, as he mentioned in the interview:

“He’s still growing and a bit clumsy so I stand there to assist him, but he’s not at all afraid of getting in the truck, which makes me happy.”

1. Gibeault, Stephanie. (September 16, 2021.) “Teach Your Dog to Ride in the Car: Prevent Anxiety and Motion Sickness.” American Kennel Club Website.

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