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We all gladly remember our childhood years and the time we spent building snowmen and making snow angels, but as we grow older, it can feel a bit harder to recapture that initial joy.

However, dogs can easily bring it back with their childlike glee at the very presence of the crunchy white sheets of snow.

We can see this in the video from TikTokker Saraonderwater in just one of many of her German Shepherd’s snowy adventures.

Getting The Base Just Right

The dog doesn’t even need her owner to have fun, making her own entertainment as she expertly maneuvers the large ball of snow to add mass onto it.

No wonder everyone calls German Shepherds one of the smartest and most innovative doggos.

With how nimble this dog is, you’d swear she had opposable thumbs.

german shepherd is playing with snowgerman shepherd is playing with snow
Source: Tiktok

The start of what’s sure to be a great snowman

Luckily, there’s plenty of snow to work with here and she makes full use of it.

She rolls the first giant snowball up with ease, something I’d struggle to even shape in such a manner or that quickly, let alone assemble within seconds.

german shepherd is playing with a snowballgerman shepherd is playing with a snowball
Source: Tiktok

It’s all coming together

Though, don’t get confused, this isn’t just specific to this GSD in particular.

Almost all shepherd dogs who are known for their great mental capabilities are likely to partake in these intricate activities.

Snow, in particular, is one of their favorite mediums of expression if no other toys are present.

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According to the follow-up vids, she never really managed to build that snowman, but she did enjoy her time in the snow.

That said, I wouldn’t want to face her in a snowball fight if she’s that great at forming them.

The True Snow Queen

Hopefully we get to see more from Sara’s dog as she looks positively adorable playing around in that sheet of snowy white goodness.

And, hopefully, she invites some of her furry friends over next time for some collaborative snow sculpting action.


but does your dog make giant snowballs? #GSD

♬ original sound – Sara Onderwater

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