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The word on the street is that you’re looking for a pet Pug.

Is that true?

Well, congratulations, because you have your mind set on a wonderful dog breed! Pugs are one of the most recognizable breeds, ever!

But which gender should you get? Who is better: male vs female Pug?

Once again, PupVine’s got your back!

We’ve done a series of male vs female dog articles, and now it’s time for Pugs to enter the battle.

Today, we will remind ourselves of some general information on the Pug breed, compare the visual differences between the two genders, and try to figure out how different they are in terms of their personalities.

Also, I will do my best to help you decide which gender to get. Some future dog owners prefer energetic dogs, so I’ll tell them which gender suits them more. Some are more into calm pooches, you’ll see exactly which ones.

By the end of this article, I’m pawsitive you’ll know which dog to pick out tomorrow!

About The Pug Dog Breed

feamale and male pug dogs lying together on the floorfeamale and male pug dogs lying together on the floor

Those little clownish dogs with funny, smushy faces are Pugs, one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world.

But, the flat face and the wrinkles aren’t the only things that make Pugs recognizable. They’re so much more than that.

The true value of the Pug breed has been known since ancient times. This dog breed originates from China, where the first specimens of the breed enjoyed a lavish life with the Chinese royalty.

They were used as companion dogs at first, but their alertness gave them a whole new purpose later in history.

When the Europeans started exploring the world, they reached China and brought many interesting things back to Europe. One of those things was a new dog breed, precisely the Pug.

Ever since the Age of Exploration, Pugs have been valuable dogs in Europe, from rescuing Dutch princes, to serving as a part of French royal companions.

Pugs are not your average guard dog, but they can serve as great watch dogs because they have a great sense of alertness and intuition.

The popularity of the breed didn’t go down the drain throughout history. Even English royalty enjoyed breeding them, and Queen Victoria was known for loving Pugs dearly.

Today’s Pugs are still being used as companions. They are playful dogs, always looking to spend quality time with their owners.

All Pugs are big charmers and very affectionate. They aren’t too friendly with strangers, but if they sense the person is alright, they will offer him friendship and a belly to rub.

Being so great and loving must come with at least one downside, right? Well, I guess that’s right. You can say Pugs are pretty stubborn and have a will of their own, which can be a big downside.

However, they are intelligent and won’t act stubbornly just because.

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Male Vs Female Pug: Size Differences

male and female pug dogs standing outdoorsmale and female pug dogs standing outdoors

If you’ve ever seen a Pug, then you know how big they are.

Well, the better phrase is, how small they are! Pugs belong on the list of the world’s smallest dogs. This list also includes the tiniest of them all, teacup Pugs. But, the breeding of teacups is questionable, so we’ll focus on the regular Pugs instead.

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Every dog breed seems to have at least some difference in size between the two genders. Sure, there are breeds where males and females are identical, but our Pug buddy isn’t one of them.

An average Pug boy usually grows up to be 12 to 14 inches at the withers. Males can put on from 13 to 20 pounds of weight. They have a sturdy build and more muscles. Well, they are males, after all.

Females are slightly smaller. Their height range is from 10 to 12 inches at the withers. An average Pug female weighs from 13 to 18 pounds.

The weight is similar to males, but female Pugs aren’t as robust as males. They don’t have a muscular body.

However, this doesn’t mean female Pugs are weak and fragile. They still have a nice, sturdy build, but their muscles aren’t that expressed.

Do Male Pugs Look Different Than Female Pugs?

male pug dog laying in front of female pug on roadmale pug dog laying in front of female pug on road

The biggest difference in terms of the appearance of a male vs female Pug is their size.

As we already know, males are bigger than females. Other than that, there are no other notable visual differences.

When people wonder about physical differences between the two genders of one dog breed, they often think differences will be like different coat colors, markings on the body, or even facial characteristics. That’s never the case.

When you look at photos of male and female Pugs, you won’t be able to tell which is which. Both genders share the same coat type, coat colors, and physical characteristics.

Pugs are flat-faced dogs. They have a little, smushy muzzle and a round face. What makes them easy to notice in a room full of dogs is the black mask around their face. Pugs always look like they’re so happy to see you.

And, let me tell you something, that’s not too far from the truth, but we’ll get to their characters soon.

It may not seem like it, but Pugs actually have double coats. I’m sorry if you thought they might be hypoallergenic because of their smooth and sleek coats. Pugs have double coats that shed massively. Of all Pug colors, fawn is the most common one.

However, black coats are possible too, as well as silver-fawn, and apricot. The last color is the rarest Pug color.

They may be small dogs, but you can’t deny the fact Pugs have a solid build, with strong legs.

From their other physical characteristics, we can distinguish a nice, curly tail, the classic underbite, and small, floppy ears.

See, there’s hardly any difference between a male vs female Pug as far as their appearance is concerned. You wouldn’t know which is which unless you turn them on their back.

Temperament Characteristics: Male Vs Female Pug

feamale and male pug on the bench in the parkfeamale and male pug on the bench in the park

Now, this is where differences begin to shine!

The most notable difference between male vs female Pug is in their characters. All dog breeds seem to have character differences between genders. Some have it more distinguished, some not.

Pugs are one of those dogs with clear and contrasting differences between male dogs and female dogs.

Just like French Bulldogs, Pugs are clowns of the canine world, but which Pugs? Are males funnier and more laid-back than females?

Male Pugs

Yes, male Pugs are funnier and more ready to play around than females. They’re little mischievous rascals that enjoy making bold decisions. It’s go big or go home with these dogs.

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As with almost every male dog, male Pugs are more territorial and protective. This should not be confused with aggression, as every dog can be trained into being obedient.

Males are more likely to show off alpha dog behavior, so make sure you set yourself as the alpha first.

What you need to understand is that every dog has its own personality. Your male Pug might not be so confident and bold. He might be a cuddler like any other average female Pug.

You just need to give him time to see whether his sense of humor will prevail, or the cuddler’s corner.

Female Pug

Female Pugs are more likely to show signs of affection than males. Girl Pugs like to cuddle with their Pug owners on the sofa, enjoying their company and attention.

You can definitely say girl Pugs are attention seeking girls that always want your approval.

Still, it’s not all sugar puffs and rainbows with female Pugs. Girls are pretty sensitive and don’t like to be played with. What I mean is that you shouldn’t mess with their emotions.

If you do a female Pug some harm, she will warn you by nipping or even showing signs of aggressive behavior.

If I have to choose based on their temperaments, I’d go with a male Pug just because you have to walk on tiptoes around their female counterparts. You never know when a mood swing will kick in.

Who Is Easier To Train, Male Or Female Pug?

pug dog looking at feeding handpug dog looking at feeding hand

Training your Pug, no matter if it’s a male or a female dog, is something that must be done. There are no excuses, not with dogs that seem to show signs of aggression when aggravated.

Dog training should start as soon as you get your Pug puppy home. In a lot of cases, the breeder will make sure he introduces your new best friend to basic training lessons, so it’s easier for you.

When training dogs, every training session should be supported with lots of positive reinforcement. Dogs respond well to praise and rewards, and thus give better results.

Pugs are dogs with big energy levels. They’re always active and zoom around, looking for new adventures. This can mean you may end up with a dog with a short attention span. Males are usually harder to train than females.

Your female Pug puppy should show she’s ready to learn and listen to your commands. It seems like they look for human approval more than their male counterparts. Males have a stubborn streak that won’t let you train them easily.

The problem with males is also their territorial personality trait. This means he won’t listen to you well if he believes his territory is in danger.

What I can recommend to you, other than using positive reinforcement is to have your male or female Pug put through spaying or neutering.

This should calm them down and make those hormones that turn on the naughty streak go away.

For example, females are more restless during their heat cycle and thus disobey their owners more.

The Most Common Health Problems

veterinarian examining cute pug dog in clinicveterinarian examining cute pug dog in clinic

There’s really no point in figuring out which gender is healthier than the other. Every dog can develop some sort of illness which may have a fatal ending. Or some diseases may cause other conditions which can lead to severe complications.

Generally speaking, Pugs aren’t the healthiest dogs in the world. But, then again, which breed is 100% healthy? There’s always at least one health issue that may cause problems and affect the overall wellness of your dog.

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Male and female Pugs do not differentiate in terms of their health or the illnesses they’re prone to. Both genders have long lifespans of 12 to 15 years.

We can’t say males have a longer life expectancy because they’re less likely to develop some conditions. That’s not how things work with health and gender.

For example, ovarian cancer is deadly, but male Pugs can’t develop it. You get the point, right?

What I can tell you are all the health problems Pugs are usually prone to. Once again, not every Pug will get one of these conditions, but it’s good to know what can strike this dog breed.

Skin Problems

PupVine’s done a piece on Pug’s skin problems, so you might want to do some reading here, especially if you’re Pug is dealing with some sort of a condition. The most common issue is lip-fold pyoderma.

This condition is characterized by bacteria and yeast forming in the skin folds under the lower jaw.

Even though the condition doesn’t seem like a big deal, it actually is. Lip-fold pyoderma is nasty and uncomfortable not only for your dog but for you too.

Other than pyoderma, skin allergies and rashes are also quite common.

Respiratory Problems

Pugs are brachycephalic dogs. This means their flat faces will cause breathing issues, snorting, and snoring. The worst thing that could happen for such a dog breed is Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS).

BAOS means your dog will have breathing difficulties even during light exercise. It’s a condition that should be monitored by your vet.

Mobility Issues

Take a good look at your Pug dog. You’ll notice a small body, short legs, and a somewhat fragile skeleton.

Pugs may seem all muscular and bulky, but you can’t see inside them. What you don’t see are fragile bones and weak joints.

It’s extremely important to prevent obesity with this dog breed because they can’t really carry around too much weight. An obese Pug will develop mobility issues, which may lead to more severe conditions like hip dysplasia.

Eye Problems

There’s something more noticeable on a Pug’s face other than their underbite or the black mask. It’s their bulging eyes. They’re one of the things that make Pugs clownish dogs, but there’s nothing funny about the eye problems these dogs are prone to.

Usually, Pugs are susceptible to eye problems like irritations.

However, the biggest problems are of a physical nature. Pugs can bump into things and thus harm their big, round eyes. The damage may be unrepairable.

So, next time you’re taking a hike with your Pug, make sure your dog doesn’t run into a tree branch or something.

The Cost: Are Male Pugs Pricier Than Females?

pug puppies lying in the bedpug puppies lying in the bed

All of this is great, but these days, the price is what pushes us into buying a specific dog breed.

We may like one breed more than any other, but if the price is skyrocketing and the availability is super-low, the chances of getting our ideal dog are also low.

That’s the way the canine market goes these days. Some dogs are pricey, some are not. And some are just in between.

The price of each breed is dictated by numerous factors, but the biggest one is the quality of the dogs. If you’re looking for a pet-quality pooch, you will pay less.

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But, if you’re into dog shows and looking for premium quality, then you’ll need to have a bigger budget.

An average Pug isn’t too expensive. A Pug’s cost is usually from $500 to $2,000. I wouldn’t recommend you pick the cheapest pup that’s on offer, because you’re more likely to get a puppy with some health conditions.

If you’re able, pay a penny or two more to receive top-quality.

Generally speaking, there should be no difference in price between a male vs female Pug. Most breeders price them equally but let the coat color be the price-setting factor.

Prices set according to coat colors is something breeders usually do.

However, some breeders are known for listing their male Pugs higher than females, because they believe they possess extreme stud quality. Or the price of a female Pug will be higher just because the breeder has decided to do so.

When we talk about prices, we shouldn’t forget about the big puppy shopping every owner must do before the puppy arrives.

The prices of doggy items vary, but usually there’s no difference in items meant for females or males.

You may find a slight difference in prices for stronger leashes and harnesses for males because they’re more powerful than females and thus need something of greater quality to hold them.

Some brands will list dog beds, for example, as pricey items for girl dogs, simply because they have a fancy design.

Once again, it’s not a general rule, it’s something that depends on the market, and different brands. Basically, you shouldn’t be able to notice any difference between buying a male or female Pug.

Male Vs Female Pug: Grooming And Care

woman brushing her dog pug outdoorswoman brushing her dog pug outdoors

As I mentioned earlier, Pugs shed massively. They’re definitely not one of the low-maintenance dogs. If you want to get a Pug, no matter if it’s a male or a female, you should be prepared for extra work around the house.

Because Pugs don’t shed only during the shedding seasons. With this dog breed, the shedding season is all the time.

So, yes, Pugs shed year-round. They are small dogs, but you won’t believe how much dead hair they have. It seems as if you have a giant dog at home.

Males and females shed the same, but pregnant female Pugs may experience excessive shedding due to hormonal changes.

This isn’t a general rule, as some pregnant or nursing female Pugs may be just okay and pass without the extra shedding.

Taking care of their coats is a big deal, but you won’t notice any variation between the genders. What you need to do is buy a good brush, because your Pug demands daily brushing and grooming.

I have some pretty great brush suggestions for Pugs here, so check them out. Also, you will need dog shampoos designed especially for Pugs, so you might as well check them out here too!

See, if you own both genders, you won’t notice any differences when you groom the dynamic duo.

The biggest issues in taking care of your male and female Pugs happen if a female is expecting or nursing. Females need extra care and extra of everything, from food to love and affection.

You can’t stop any dog from shedding, but you can at least try to find a reason behind excessive shedding and how to control it.

Neglected Pugs that aren’t taken care of are simply sad and that’s not something a good dog owner wants to see.

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Pugs And Other Pets: Who Gets Along Better?

pug and cat lying togetherpug and cat lying together

Pugs aren’t one of those teacup dog breeds that simply can’t be left alone with kids or bigger dogs because they’re too fragile.

Yes, they’re small, but still sturdy enough to be played with.

A well-trained Pug can pawfectly get along with kids in the family, no matter how big or small they are. Of course, I would never recommend you leave your baby or toddler alone with a Pug, for the sake of both of them.

Make sure they’re always under supervision.

You can easily bring a Pug into a home with other dogs. They won’t make a big deal out of being second or third picks if the other dogs are Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, for example.

However, a female Pug might not like the idea of being the first dog and then getting an addition to the family in the form of a male Pug.

Female Pugs tend to act possessive and a bit jealous.

What is so great for those of you that are dog AND cat people is that Pugs are excellent with kitty cats! They don’t think cats are a threat, enemies, or objects to chase. Simply put, cats and Pugs are friends.

If you really must choose, I’d recommend you get a Pug and a cat, instead of a Pug and another dog.

Also, a house full of pets is not something a Pug would mind. They’re super friendly and get along with all kinds of pets.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Male Pug

pug dog sitting in his owner's lap in the kitchenpug dog sitting in his owner's lap in the kitchen

We come to the part you’re all waiting for. Who is better? Which gender should you adopt?

I can’t really tell you that, but I can point out the top three good sides of each gender, so you can make a decision on your own.

Maybe someone will find these downsides to be deal breakers. We never know what suits a certain dog owner.

It would be best to go through each of the 3 reasons why you should get a male Pug.

Life Of The Party

Compared to female Pugs, male Pugs are more adventurous and more prone to entertainment. No wonder these dogs are considered canine clowns! Pugs will bend over backwards to see you laughing.

Well, male Pugs will.

They’re goofy, always looking for some mischief. But being mischievous shouldn’t be equated with being naughty. Pugs simply want to have fun. They’re not jumping up and down the sofa because they want to make you mad.

It’s a game and they’re playing it to entertain themselves and their owners.

Easy-Going Nature

Male Pugs have a more easy-going nature than females. They’re relaxed and you can’t really make them angry easily.

Female Pugs are more sensitive and can get their feelings hurt if you ignore them unintentionally or if you don’t show them enough affection.

This has a lot to do with the fact male Pugs are more confident. You can’t bring down a confident dog without trying so hard.

If you want a dog that will stand for a moment with every visitor in the park, and show open friendliness, then pick a male Pug.

Stronger Build

I’m not saying female Pugs are fragile, but they’re definitely less strong than male Pugs.

Even though there are minimal differences in terms of sizes between the two genders, male Pugs are a bit bigger and thus stronger.

Males have more muscles and a sturdy build. This makes them good family dogs for people with kids because they won’t get injured easily if they participate in rough play.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Female Pug

pug dog looks carefully at its owner in the parkpug dog looks carefully at its owner in the park

Naturally, some future dog owners will prefer to have a female dog. There’s nothing wrong with that because female dogs have lots of good sides too!

I do want to warn you that although Pugs are generally energetic, female Pugs are more docile and don’t like bouncing around as much as males do. So, if you’re an active person yourself, and looking for an active, energetic dog, don’t go with females.

However, if you like sweet little pooches, the female Pug is the doggo for you!

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More Cuddles, Please!

Female Pugs are cuddly and sweet. Girls like being smothered with love and affection all the time. You can definitely say some specimens of this gender are spoiled, little divas. But it’s individual, not a rule of thumb for all female Pugs.

A girl Pug will love to stay inside rather than go out and play with her canine buddies. She loves cozy nights under the blanket, good dog food and snacks, and tummy rubs more than anything!


I’m not saying girls are smarter than boys because there’s no way we can measure their intelligence. But I am saying girls master dog training better and faster than boys.

The problem with boy Pugs is that they have issues with their attention span. It’s short and they can’t stay concentrating for a long time. There’s always a bird flying outside or a squirrel that needs to be barked at.

Girl Pugs are more obedient and listen to what their owners have to say.

If you plan on training your Pug alone at home, better go with a girl Pug!

Not So Goofy, Eh?

No, female Pugs aren’t so goofy. Girls don’t like to play pranks and mischiefs like boys.

If you’re looking for a calm companion, a dog that will look deeply into your eyes and blink as if she understands you, then you should definitely go with a female Pug.

Sometimes people just don’t like energetic dogs that hide slippers or chew on the chair legs. It may be fun for the dog, but it’s not funny at all for his humans. Don’t worry, female Pugs will never do such a thing!

To Sum Up…

So, what do you think about our little clownish dogs? Who do you like more: male vs female Pug dogs?

If I were to pick my own Pug, I know exactly which one I’d pick. But I’m not going to tell you that, because it may affect your decision. What I want is for you to make your own decision, without any comments from the side.

Here you have proven facts about Pugs, their temperaments, health problems, social relationships, and more.

As you can see, Pug dogs are really something extra. Everything is so big about them, but their size. They have big personalities, big hearts, and big round eyes full of love and admiration towards their humans

Seriously, these doggos have hearts of gold. They want to be everyone’s friends and loving companions.

Pugs are ultimate lap dogs and they have been cuddlers for centuries. I have a hunch they’ll stay favorite cuddlers for many more years.

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By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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